Jiexi Luan

Software Developer, Network Administrator, Entrepreneur

          My interest in computers and technology in general started at an early age. Spending after school hours in front of the computer, I quickly developed an affection for the magical white box that sat upon my desk. Gaming before most kids had their first game console, 5 year old me was already making quick work of the ID classic shooter, Quake. Through a combination of curiosity, boredom, and circumstance, I was putting parts together to make my very first computer by age 7. I wanted to do more; just fiddling with computer hardware wasn't enough. By the age of 9, I had my very own Apache server setup and running, and with it my very first website. Over the years since then, I've planned and developed more websites than I can I count on both hands. I've developed and sold licenses for my own file mirroring script, created websites visited by millions, and earned over $5000 with my work. I did this all by myself without outside help or money not my own. Here I am, the same five year old looking for a challenge: something new to dream and create.





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