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Jiexi Luan

Software Engineer

https://jiexi.co - hello@jiexi.co - (925) 207 8397 | LinkedIn - Github - HackerNoon - Instagram - Youtube

Interests: Travel, OneBag, Walking, MBTI, Coffee Brewing, Videography, PC Gaming, and Software Development


Senior Software Engineer:

Fannie Mae (Remote), 2020 - Present
  • Developed architecture enabling the creation of understandable, reproducible, and auditable data pipelines using Lambda, Spark, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Airflow.
  • Wrote robust Scala Spark packages to ingest, geocode, and classify large datasets from several vendors with differing formats/schemas at scale.
  • Built TypeScript React frontend and GraphQL API layer to unify execution, monitoring, and comparison of disjoint transforms/pipelines into a single user-friendly experience.
  • Led planning and implementation of full stack data aggregation/calculation platform with performant Golang/Node.js services.

Senior Software Engineer:

Originate (Remote), 2019 - 2020
  • Consulted market-leading company to establish compliant, scalable, language agnostic services architecture as a baseline for soft transition from ingrained legacy systems.
  • Led team on the development of large automated article discovery, extraction, analysis system that continuously monitored and processed articles from several thousand news sources across a horizontally-scaled worker-queue architecture with Node.js.
  • Created Solidity smart contract based decentralized DNS with capabilities for seamless future upgrades by adhering to eternal storage patterns using the Truffle Suite.

Software Engineer:

Originate (San Francisco, CA / Remote), 2015 - 2019
  • Increased sales in top niche e-commerce website through application of performant, flexible, predictive search to legacy data stores.
  • Migrated from soon-to-be deprecated serverless SAAS architecture to in-house developed and hosted solutions.
  • Owned implementation of company website redesign overhaul.

Software Engineer Intern:

Originate (Los Angeles, CA), 2014 - 2015
  • Worked with multidisciplinary team in sprints and on code reviews
  • Practiced TDD in development of Node.js MVC patterned web app
  • Developed an automated fantasy sports betting bot with analytics

System Admin:

Pleasant Paper Recycling (Concord, CA), 2013 - present
  • Setup multilocation network of POS/IOT devices via IPSec VPN
  • Interacted with MS SQL, RDP, Schedulers on MS Server 2008 R2
  • Maintained software and hardware for their working life cycles


Dan Helix for Mayor (Concord, CA), 2012
  • Developed front-end for political campaign website
  • Setup MX server and DNS entries for incoming and outgoing emails


Bachelor of Science:

University of California Los Angeles, 2011 - 2015

High School Diploma:

College Park High School, 2007 - 2011
  • High Honors, Math Certificate, Science Certificate


Remote Year Participant:

Work Travel Program, 2017 - 2018
  • Traveled around the world for a year while continuing to work remotely
  • Documented daily experiences by recording a single second everyday
  • Captured one polaroid a day and compiled album of places visited


URL Shortener with Interstitial Captcha Ads, 2013
  • Developed efficient scripts that served traffic in the millions per month
  • Established small network of publishers and advertisers


Community Generated Music Library, 2011
  • Developed web 2.0 music player based with code from TheCloudPlayer
  • Replaced Rails backend with stripped down PHP version


File Sharing with CPA Integration, 2010
  • Created distributed/scalable system for serving user uploaded files
  • Became publisher on majority of industry leading CPA advertising networks
  • Grew group of participants in revenue sharing program


File Mirroring Script, 2009
  • Designed file mirroring addon for popular file sharing script
  • Distributed over 50 licenses across several releases


Social Topic Discussion, 2008
  • Developed Reddit-like topic discussion website with Pligg
  • Received over 14,000 organic visits per month
  • Sold for $895 and continued development as freelancer


File Mirroring Website, 2007
  • Developed file sharing website that mirrored files to other file sharing sites
  • Sold for $139


AWS, Airflow, Algolia, Angular, Bash, Data Scraping, DevOps, Docker, Firebase, Golang, GraphQL, Java, Javascript, Kubernetes, Microservices, MongoDB, NLP, Node.js, Objective-C, PostgreSQL, Python, React, Redis, SQL, Scala, Serverless, Solidity, Spark, Terraform, TypeScript