- One Polaroid a Day -

Do a small thing many times.

And eventually you'll end up with a big thing.

I don't know how I managed to stick it through, but it's finally done. Here is the culmination of a year's worth of consistency. 365 polaroids over 365 days. A whole year of sights, yet just a fraction of the world explored. It fills me with deep satisfaction and happiness to flip through the nostalgia-filled pages of the album now sitting on my coffee table. Shout out to all the people (esp. Allie) who had to patiently wait forever while I tried (multiple times) to get that one perfect shot. Thank you friends and family. Thank you to my loving Mom and Dad for instilling in me the drive and stubborness to even bother attempting this whole thing. Thanks to my little tiny small sister too (who also did her own polaroid project last year!).

And last, but far from least, thank you to my travel family, Yugen.
You all suck and I don't miss a single one of you.


Peace and love,